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The best dish of Crete, escargots

The best dish of Crete, escargots

The island of Crete in Greece is known for its unique cuisine, which features a variety of delicious dishes. One such dish is the Cretan escargots, chochlioi, which are a local delicacy that has been enjoyed for centuries.

Cretan escargots are a type of edible land snail that is typically harvested in the countryside around the island. The snails are collected in the wild and then cleaned and prepared for cooking. 

Despite their popularity, Cretan snails are not for everyone. Some people find the idea of eating snails to be unappetizing, but those who are willing to try them will be rewarded with a unique and delicious culinary experience. 

Escargots are typically served as a meze or appetizer, and they are often accompanied by a glass of raki, which is a traditional Cretan spirit. 

In conclusion, the Cretan dish of snails is a unique and delicious culinary experience that is worth trying for anyone who is interested in exploring the local cuisine of Crete. While some may be hesitant to try snails, those who do will be rewarded with a flavorful and memorable dish that is an essential part of the island's culinary heritage.