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The highest mountain of Crete

The highest mountain of Crete

The highest mountain in Crete is Psiloritis, also known as Ida. The mountain has an altitude of 2,456 meters (8,058 feet), making it the highest peak in Crete and the highest peak in Greece outside the mainland.

The mountain has a rich cultural and historical significance, as it was considered a sacred mountain in ancient times. The mountain was dedicated to the god Zeus, who is said to have been born in a cave on the slopes of the mountain. Ancient Cretans also believed that the mountain was the home of the goddess Rhea and that it was the place where Zeus was raised.

The mountain is also known for its unique and diverse landscape. The mountain is home to a wide variety of plants, including many species of herbs and wildflowers that are unique to the island. The slopes of the mountain are covered with dense forests of oak, pine and cypress and are home to many species of animals.

There are many hiking trails leading to the summit and it is a popular destination for hikers. The hike to the top can be difficult, but the views from the top are breathtaking and it is a great opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the island. There is also a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary at the top of the mountain, which is a great place to take in the views and reflect on the rich history and cultural significance of the mountain.

Whether you are interested in the history and cultural significance of the mountain or simply want to enjoy the natural beauty of the island, Psiloritis is a must-visit destination when in beautiful Crete.