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What is raki?

What is raki?

Cretan raki, also known as tsikoudia, is a traditional Greek spirit made from the core of the grape, the skins, seeds and pips that are left over.

It is produced on the island of Crete and has a long history dating back to ancient Greece.

One of the most unique elements of Cretan raki is its production method. It is often produced in small batches by local farmers using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. This gives Cretan raki a sense of authenticity and tradition that sets it apart from other spirits.

Cretan raki is often enjoyed as an after-dinner drink and is often served with a variety of small appetizers. It is also used as a base for various delicious cocktails.

Cretan raki is a delicious and traditional spirit that is an integral part of Cretan culinary culture. If you visit the island, be sure to try it and experience the unique taste and tradition of this special drink.